Welcome to Co-Own.com.au

Co-Own.com.au is Australia's first complete co-ownership portal, providing everyone Australia wide with the opportunity to buy and sell a portion of property in a safe and informative environment.
We've done this by creating a unique and detailed Co-ownership Agreement and utilizing the title structure Tenants in Common.

A message from the Co-Own Team and Founder Mathew Del Bianco


“We wanted to create a co-ownership model that not only helps young Australians purchase their first home, but also helps property investors and the older generations.

Most semi retirees may be asset rich, but they’re generally cash poor and unable to enjoy the finer things in life. Co-Own.com.au creates an affordable option to unlock equity, while still retaining ownership of your property. With bank regulations making eligibility for loans nearly impossible, this potentially loan free house and land package option gives you access to equity and also helps investors spread their interest over properties in better annual growth areas."
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