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How To Buy a Shared Ownership Property
Buying a shared ownership property is a great way to enter the property market or diversify your property portfolio. We’ve put together this article that shows step by step how to buy a shared ownership property.
The Benefits Of Shared Ownership
Shared ownership is an excellent way to purchase and maintain a property at a fraction of the cost. Here are just some of the benefits of buying a shared ownership property.
What If Your Co-Owner Defaults?
Ensuring that an appropriate agreement is in place to mitigate any risk associated with your investment is vital, as unexpected circumstances beyond our control do happen.
 How To Determine Market Rent
Knowing exactly what the current market rent is for your property is crucial. Especially if you or your co-owner are disagreeing on the amount. To keep this process as simple and effective as possible, we advise the following steps to be taken.
The Importance of a Property Manager
Owning a shared ownership property can be a rewarding experience. However, managing this relationship without a third party in place can soon have both co-owners at each other's throats.
What is Tenants in Common?
In any situation where individuals own property together, there is a consideration that needs to be made in terms of the structure of the shared ownership. There are two major structures for co-owning property: tenants in common and joint tenancy.
How To Sell Your Ownership Share
Selling a shared ownership property can be an exciting and gratifying experience, we’ve put together this article that shows you the complete process on how to sell a co-ownership property.
The Benefits Of Selling a Percentage Of Your Property
Think of the things you could do with some extra cash in your pocket, without sacrificing owning and living in your own home?
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