The Benefits Of Buying A Co-ownership Property Team
If you're house hunting but can’t quite afford to get your foot on the property ladder, then co-ownership might be the ideal solution for you. 
Here are just some of the benefits of buying a co-ownership property. 
Benefits Of Buying To Occupy

It's Extremely Affordable To Owner Occupy

In many cases, the monthly cost to owner occupy a co-ownership property is equivalent to what you would expect to pay in rent each month.
The key factor being your payment is going towards equity in the property.

Massive Reductions On Purchase Costs


Co-ownership can help ease the initial purchase costs of purchasing a property, as stamp duty and legal costs are only paid on your percentage.

Substantial Savings On Your Outgoings
Share the ongoing costs such as council rates, maintenance and repairs. 
Potentially 75% Off Your Deposit

How amazing is this, you only need a deposit on your share of the loan.


Who Says You Need a Huge Loan


With young home buyers having to enter the property market with record size debts, co-ownership is a great solution.


The Borrowing Power Of Two


When you take both co-owing parties into account when applying for the loan, you both collectively will be able to borrow a lot more than you could individually.

This allows you to purchase properties in areas that you wouldn’t have normally considered due to loan restrictions.

Your Co-Owners Loan Is Treated Independently

Borrowers can purchase the same property using separate loan facilities, with each loan secured against the same property.
This allows greater flexibility to structure your own loan facility to suit your needs. eg, it can be different amounts, loan types, loan terms and payment plans.

Leverage Your Co-Owner For No Mortgage Insurance

Lenders take into account both co-owners deposits. So as long as there is a combined 20% deposit on the property, there's no mortgage insurance.
Benefits Of Buying To Invest
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Diversify Your Property Portfolio - Four For The Price Of One
As an investor, choosing the right property to invest in is crucial, especially in our current market.
Co-ownership gives you the opportunity to expand your portfolio with multiple properties for the same amount of money you would expect to spend on the one.  
Generate a Positively Geared Return On Your Investment
With a smaller deposit and an overall smaller loan needed to purchase a property, it's a lot easier to achieve a positively geared investment with a lot less equity. 
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