The Benefits Of Selling a Percentage Of Your Property Team


House prices have skyrocketed over recent years and this has unfortunately left many Australians with record levels of debt and very little money to experience life.

Think of the things you could do with some extra cash in your pocket, without sacrificing owning and living in your own home? 
The answer, selling a percentage of your property and this has now been made possible with
Let me be clear on one thing, shared ownership does not mean you'll be living with your co-owner! You're in complete control, you decide what percentage to sell using one of the two options below. 
Option 1: Selling a Percentage To An Investor
If you wish to continue living in your property you can sell a percentage to an investor, this will make you the Owner Occupier. You will have exclusive rights to occupy your property for as long as you want until you wish to change roles, if ever.
You would pay a portion of market rent based on your ownership amount to your co-owner. The owner investor will never be able to occupy the property unless there is a unanimous decision from all co-owners.
Option 2: Selling a Percentage For Your Co-Owner To Occupy
In this scenario, you would be an Owner Investor and hold the property for investment purposes only. You will receive a portion of market rent based on your ownership share. 
So what's in it for you?
Benefits Of Selling To An Investor

Access Your Cash For The Finer Things In Life


As an ageing population that now has a much longer life expectancy, the cost of living continues to rise while wages increase at a leisurely pace.

This makes it harder for the younger generation to get into the property market, whilst also negatively affecting the older generation.
Australians who are approaching retirement age are seeming more asset rich and cash poor, and with fewer options available to earn some extra money before retirement, co-ownership may be the answer.


Shared ownership now presents the option to sell a percentage of your home, while retaining the rights to solely occupy the property.

Affordable Payments To Owner Occupy


It's extremely affordable to owner occupy a shared ownership property, with only a part rental payment being paid to your co-owner based on their percentage of ownership.

As an example, if your property was appraised at $500 per week for rent and you sold 50% of your property, you would pay $250 per week to your co-owner. 

Sharing The Costs


With two co-owning parties, all costs are split up based on the percentage of the property that is owned. This includes such things as rates, maintenance and repairs.

The Rights Of Survivorship
Using the ownership structure Tenants In Common, all co-owners have the right to transfer ownership of their share as they see fit and this will be outlined in their will. 
Benefits Of Selling For Your Co-Owner To Occupy

Zero Vacancy Rates


No more lost income or advertising costs due to your investment property being vacant. An Owner Occupier pays rent 52 weeks of the year, now if that's not a great investment I don't know what is!

Annual Rent Reviews
The Owner Occupiers rent is reviewed annually. We find annual rental reviews are fair to both co-owners as the rental market can fluctuate.
Diversify Your Property Portfolio

As a homeowner or investor, choosing the right property to invest in is crucial, especially in our current market.

Shared ownership gives you the opportunity to expand your portfolio with multiple properties for the same amount of money you would expect to spend on the one.
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